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We put a lot of care in understanding and getting to know more about you and your dental care needs firsthand before the actual date of the appointment The more we know about you and your state of dental health and history of prior treatments, the  better and easier it will be to offer you the best consultation and most appropriate care.
For new patients, we would require you to prepare these documents that consists of:

  1. Your identity, Full name and Address and mobile contact number, and Email
  2. Your medical history, medical report and the treatments received alongside the name of the clinic, hospital and dentist and dates.
  3. Your current location
  4. The type of dental care request or issues.
  5. If you already have the above, please call us at +62.812423423 – email:

We accept payment in various international currencies (AUD, USD, EURO, SGD) and major credit cards (Visa Card, Master Card).

We pride our self being a World Class Cosmetic Dental Care Clinic in Bali.

  • Jl. Danau Batur Raya No. 15 Taman Griya Jimbaran - Bali
  • 08170198219

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