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Tooth Jewelry Service


The professional solution for stylish tooth jewellery

The tooth jewels Skyce can simply be bonded to the tooth surface without preparation using tried-and-tested materials. Skyce is putting an extra sparkle into every smile. The crystal glass stones are available in two different sizes: Ø 1.9 mm and Ø 2.4 mm.

tooth jewelry


  • To be bonded to the labial surfaces of upper anterior teeth


  • Bonding without preparation
  • Tried-and-tested materials are used
  • Oral health is maintained

Add sparkle and style to your smile. Tooth jewelry simply bonded to tooth without drilling. It is painless, does not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed. Available in many shapes and colors, good option for those who want an up to date shining smile.

We accept payment in various international currencies (AUD, USD, EURO, SGD) and major credit cards (Visa Card, Master Card).

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